Free Personal and Business Accounts
Free Use 24/7 on Web, Cards, Phone Apps.
Common Currency for Universal Use "Uni".

About USD Mint:
USD Mint issues Free Credit USD Global$
XUSD code as 1:1 Convertible Currency.
Global eCommerce Money Platform
with Universal Accts +Access For All.
People get Free Spending$ and
Business get Free USD Income.
No Fees.  No Costs.  No Debt.

Mint Goals: #1 No Poverty, #2 No Hunger
#3 Good Health and Well-Being for All.

$100 Personal Acct at Register (may vary).
$500 Business Acct at Register to $10K.
You Control Acct via Web, Card, Phone

Earn USD® "Make Money On-Line."
Earn $ for People and Biz that Register:
Referred by Your Name = $100 Personal
$1,000 per Biz +10% of USD Received.
Biz Values may vary by Micro to Brand.

USD Mint® Provides USD® For Use by
USA Trademark Privilege with XUSD code.
Basic Rules: Free Credit. No Debt. No Costs.
Permission Right To Use, Register All Free
Any Illegal Use (Terms) Right To Use Stops.

USD® Convertible, Compliant, Centralized, Common Currency for Global Use.
IRS 2014-21 "Virtual Currency may be Used to Pay for Goods or Services."
"Virtual Currency is a Digital Representation of Value that Functions as
a Medium of Exchange,
a Unit of Account ($), and/or
a Store of Value."
"It Operates like "Real" Currency -
ie: the Coin and Paper Money of the
United States or of Any other country
that is Designated Legal Tender,
Circulates, and is Customarily Used and
Accepted as a Medium of Exchange in the
Country of Issuance -
but it does Not have Legal Tender Status
in any jurisdiction." (Sov Legal in process)

"Virtual Currency that has an
Equivalent Value in Real Currency, or that
acts as a Substitute for Real Currency, is a
"Convertible Virtual Currency". 

Sale or Exchange of Convertible Virtual
Currency or a Use of Convertible Virtual
Currency to Pay for Goods or Services in a
Real-World Economy Transaction, has
Tax Consequences that May result in a
Tax Liability." 
(Store Income or Personal Income 
sell/exchange virtual for legal tender).
Ordinary Gain and Not Capital Gain.
45411 eCommerce: USD® Connect Buyers
and Sellers via the Web and in Stores.

$CBDC Central Bank (USD Mint) Digital Currency (USD)
Federal Reserve says Banks should Onboard All Customers.
Bank of England sets Rules for Economy-Wide safe use ie:

$ CBDC for Retail (Not Interbank Settlements with Reserves).

$ Earn Interest +Income, Cost 1:1 or Issued Against Securities,

People and Firms Buy$ or Earn$ or Get Store Credit to Spend$.

Retail Accts are Global to Spend, Earn, Insure, Send, Transact.

FI Accts for Banks, Govts Spend, Earn, Insure, Lend, Transact.

Wholesale Accts (No FI Reserves) Earn, Insure, Lend, Transact.

Price Rule 1:1 Retail Use sets Demand (Qty), Spending Converts.

$ or Govt Securities Buy$ that Convert as Spent, Transact, Invest.