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Terms:  Free.  No Cost.  No Debt.  No Fees.
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Global Digital$ for Global Digital Economy

B2B Private USD Mint +Govt Central Banks
Co-Operate USD Mint Issuing USD For Use.

XUSD Private Digital Code for Banks, FX or 
XGD Global$ Sovereign Legal Tender
XGD Digital$ Legal Tender M0 Digital$.

Universal Access, Free Accts at USD Mint.

USD® is Equivalent to, Substitute for USD.
Convertible$ per USA IRS, Treasury, Govts.

M0 Paper Money Supply is Legal Tender.
M1 Digital Money Supply is Convertible$.
Convertible$ Convert Freely Into Another.

USD® in USD Mint® UCC8 Securities Accts.
Incontestable Govt Trademark to Provide$.

USD Mint® Provides Digital USD® Globally.
Incontestable Govt Mandate to Provide.

Mandate: "An Official Order or Commission
To Do Something." USD Mint® Trademark 
Provide Digital Currency For Use Globally.

"Govt Mandated Currencies are Interesting"
"Non-Govt Currencies are Junk." Ajay Banga
Mastercard CEO 2017, 2018

Central Bank (USD Mint) Digital$ (USD)

Products: Universal Accts, Access to USD®

$ Unit, $ Value, $ Payments. Free Credit$.

Free Spending Money for People and

New Income for Stores and Business.

Services: Save, Spend, Send, Lend, Invest.

Instant, Free, Cross-Border, 24/7 in USD®

Interest is Fed Funds Rate x2, so 2% = 4%.

Global eCommerce Instant Free 24/7 in $.

Govt & FI Transact in $ Global Direct Free.

Mint Credits/Debits Instant Free "On-Us".

+Products: Free Ads, Web-Stores, Vouchers

Tickets, Invoices, Apps incl mPOS, QR use,

Digital & Physical Cards for Easy Spending.

USD Mint® Issues USD® Equivalent to USD.

USD® Equivalent to USD Convertible 1:1.

eMoney is a Digital Representation of Fiat

used to Electronically Transfer Value that is

Denominated in Fiat Currency.

Denominated is a Specific Monetary Unit.

USD® = USD. e$ for eTransfers.

Federal Reserve 2018 April in "The Case for

Central Bank Electronic Money" on control

Centralized (USD Mint) vs Decentralized.

"We then argue that there is a Large Unmet

Demand for a Liquid Asset that Allows

Households and Firms to Save Outside of

the Private Financial Sector." Not in Banks.

The Federal Reserve proposal is labeled

"Central Bank Electronic Money For All".

All People & Firms Get Central Bank Accts.

All People & Firms Get e$ vs Private Bank$.
All People & Firms Pay e$ vs Private Bank$.

Pay e$ rather than Private Bank$ used now.

Pay e$ from Central Bank transaction accts.

Banks OnBoard All Personal and Biz Accts

to Central Bank e$ Accts by Law per Fed.

This Increases Stability and is Better for All

per Federal Reserve eMoney proposal.

Central Bank USD Mint Digital$ USD®:

Retail for Households and Firms (Biz) ie

People get Free Spending$ (Store Credit)

Firms get New Income (Accept USD®).

Firms can Price Deals in Dollars such as

$10 Off Dinner for 2, and Get $Income.

$10 Off = +$5 to +$10 vs $0 Now.

Firms Get All or Half of Deals in USD®.

40% Avg Retail Discount = +20% Income.

Retail is a $25T Gold Rush with $10T Off.

Wholesale $40T Gold Rush at $40T Neg.

Wholesale for Financial Institutions is 1:1.

$1 Buys $1 that Earns Fed Funds Rate x2.

2% Fed Funds Rate = 4% Mint Interest in

UCC8 Account with 24/7 Instant Free Use.

+4% Interest vs $40T at Negative Interest.

Global Accounts & Access for Global Use.

Global Accounts & Access to USD® for all

Universal Sovereign Dollars. Spending$.

Creation Biz Model. Provide USD® For Use

on global computer network. Digital USD®

Convertible$ 1:1 Equivalent to Govt USD.

$ Unit of Acct, $ Store of Value, $ Payments.

Issued by Govt Approval like Private Bank$

backed by Securities or Promises to RePay

like Bank$ except Global from USD Mint.

Global$, Unique Universal Access via Mint.

XUSD Private$ that Convert 1:1 to Govt$.

XGD Sovereign Legal Tender (in process)

1:1 Convert via Every Bank and POS (soon).

USD® Supply Lowers by Conversion to Fiat.

Central Bank USD Mint® Digital$ USD®

Private, Global, Provide$ For Use For All.

Universal $Accounts and $Access. “Uni”

Sovereign Dollars for People and Nations.

Retail for People and Biz with $ For All.

Wholesale for Govt, FIs, Brands. Finality.

Summary Terms: Store or Specific Credit.

People get Store Credit, Free Spending$.

Perpetual No Interest. Univ Basic Income.

Biz Accept USD® at No Fees for Payment.

Biz Deals in $ split 1/2 to Mint, 1/2 to Store.

Biz Credit 100% repaid at 10% of Revenue.

Biz RePays Mint for Peoples Store Credit.


40% Retail Discounts, Global Average.

20% New $ to Store and +20% $ to Mint.

Stores use USD® & Price Deals in USD®.

45411 Connect Buyers & Sellers online with

Spending$ Income for Global eCommerce.

Spending$ = Store Income repaid to Mint.

Biz gets Credit to Buy Specific Goods (Cost).

Biz lists Goods on Mint and Any Platforms.

Biz Accepts USD® etc for Payment in Full.

Credit repaid at 10% of revenue received.

Mint Automates as USD® credit to Biz Acct.

Govt gets Credit for Projects at Product Cost

Govt Pays Design & Labor (Local Required).

Govt repays at 10% of Revenue (Mint PPP).

Central Banks Create National Currency 

Sovereign Legal Tender in Paper or Digital

Digital are Reserves in CB Accts for Banks.

Central Banks Buy Securities from Govt or

Banks that Promise to RePay Plus Interest.

Govt or Banks get Money (Debt) to RePay.

Mint can Buy Securities in the same way.