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Central Bank (USD Mint) Digital$ (USD)
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USD Mint® is a Money Story,

with USD® for All, Everyone.

Private USD® Accounts, Access for All

Private Reserve$, Transaction$, Your$.

USD Mint® is Free with No Costs.

No Costs, No Debt, All Free.

Free Spending Dollars.

You Spend USD®$.

Stores get USD® $Income.

Just Money, Spending Money.

USD Mint® provides You with

Free Spending Dollars USD®.

Free beats Fees.

Free beats Debt.

$Denominated, $ Equiv, Convertible$.

USD® is Equivalent to USD

with USA Govt Approval and

USD® is Convertible to Govt$

as Legally Convertible Currency.

USD Mint® has Free Spending Dollars,

Free Accounts, All Free.

Stores get Dollars for Discounts.

Stores get Income and Profits.

Dollars Replace Discounts.

Universal Accounts and

Access to USD® for Global Spending$.

Spending Dollars for Everyone,

Globally, All People and Biz.

Mint is Free Credit (Not Debt).

Exceptional = Shared$, Spending$ ...

Strategy = Personal Global$ (Not Govt)

Private Bank Money is Debt,

Backed by Your Promise to RePay.

Private USD® Currency is Free, 

Backed by Your Spending at Stores

and USD® Converts into Govt$.

(Free Credit, Perpetual 0.001% Interest).

Mint Makes Money by Making Money

with Accts & Access to $ for Everyone.