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Terms: Free. No Cost. No Debt. No Fees.

Global Digital$ for Global Digital Economy

B2B Private USD Mint +Govt Central Banks
Co-Operate USD Mint Issuing USD For Use.

XUSD Private Digital Code for Banks, FX or
XGD Global$ Sovereign Legal Tender
XGD Digital$ Legal Tender M0 Digital$.

Universal Access, Free Accts at USD Mint.

USD® is Equivalent to, Substitute for USD.
Convertible$ per USA IRS, Treasury, Govts.

M0 Paper Money Supply is Legal Tender.
M1 Digital Money Supply is Convertible$.
Convertible$ Convert Freely Into Another.

USD® in USD Mint® UCC8 Securities Accts.
Incontestable Govt Trademark to Provide$.

USD Mint® Provides Digital USD® Globally.
Incontestable Govt Mandate to Provide.

Mandate: "An Official Order or Commission
To Do Something." USD Mint® Trademark
Provide Digital Currency For Use Globally.

"Govt Mandated Currencies are Interesting"
"Non-Govt Currencies are Junk." Ajay Banga
Mastercard CEO 2017, 2018

Central Bank (USD Mint) Digital$ (USD)
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USD Mint® is a Money Story,

with USD® for All, Everyone.

Private USD® Accounts, Access for All

Private Reserve$, Transaction$, Your$.

USD Mint® is Free with No Costs.

No Costs, No Debt, All Free.

Free Spending Dollars.

You Spend USD®$.

Stores get USD® $Income.

Just Money, Spending Money.

USD® is Equivalent to USD

Issued with US Govt Approval

USD® is Convertible to Govt$

as Legally Convertible Currency.

Private Bank Money is Debt,

Backed by Your Promise to RePay.

Your Debt is a Bank's Asset.

Private Bank$ are 95% of Spending$

Private Convert, Medium of Exchange

Private USD® Equivalent to USD.

Private USD® Substitute for USD.

Mint Makes Money by Making Money

with Accts & Access to $ for Everyone.

1) XUSD, Incontestable, Convertible$.

2) XGD Sovereign Legal Tender Global$.

3) Spend, Transact at Scale, Global$ Use.

Issuer: USD Mint Issues USD: Convertible$
IRS: Equivalent$, Substitute$: Convertible$
Accounts: UCC8 Securities, Financial Asset
Class 1 = Cash on Deposit, 100% Reserves
Security: ISO27002, EBA Euro Banking Auth
License: Incontestable Trademark Federal
USA Uniform URVCBA: States, Mint Exempt
FinCEN: "On-Us" Same Location User Accts
Retail Cards, Payment Processor Converts
FI handle Fiat$. Mint does Not handle Fiat.

The UCC Definition of Money is a
Medium of Exchange Authorized by Govt
($ Unit for USD is helpful component)

Medium of Exchange Must Represent a
Standard of Value.
USD is The Global Standard of Value.
All Parties Must Accept the Standard.
Medium of Exchange is "Currency".

Authorized definition is Sanctioned,
Done With Official Approval.

USD Mint Incontestable trademark from
USA Govt Authorizes Financial Services,
Namely, Providing a Virtual Currency For
Use by Members of a Online Community
of Users via a Global Computer Network.

Virtual and Digital are the Same per
Federal and State laws and guidance.

USD Mint is Authorized to Provide USD
Digital$ Money Virtual Currency For Use
Globally, Universal Access: Central Bank
per BIS, ECB, BoE, MAS, Federal Reserve