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Money definition: Monetary Unit ($), Store of Value, Used to Exchange,

Authorized® or Adopted SF125: Personal Property Considered Money.


USD Mint® Privilege to Provide USD Virtual Currency For Use Globally.

Fungible: Interchange, Convertible: Change of Form per UCC8-507/8.


Section 502 (Oct 2, 2018) UCC8 Adds Super-Negotiability, Acceptance,

Finality, Certainty, Protections for Users with Mint or Bank as Custodian.


URVCBA Uniform Act USA 50 States law section 103B: parts 2, 3, 7, 14.

Exempt (Not Regulated) IF a Bank or Money Transmitter handles Fiat.

Exempt if for Personal Use or If Services are Free, No Fiat Paid to Mint.


USD is Equivalent to USD And a Substitute for USD (IRS, FinCEN)

Convertible Currency USD Converts Into Govt Fiat: Fin-2019-G001

Wyoming SF125 Personal Property and Shall be Considered Money.