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USD® Convertible, Compliant, Centralized, Common Currency for Global Use.
IRS 2014-21 "Virtual Currency may be Used to Pay for Goods or Services."
"Virtual Currency is a Digital Representation of Value that Functions as
a Medium of Exchange,
a Unit of Account ($), and/or
a Store of Value."
"It Operates like "Real" Currency -
ie: the Coin and Paper Money of the
United States or of Any other country
that is Designated Legal Tender,
Circulates, and is Customarily Used and
Accepted as a Medium of Exchange in the
country of issuance -
but it does Not have Legal Tender Status
in any jurisdiction." (several are active)

"Virtual Currency that has an
Equivalent Value in Real Currency, or that
acts as a Substitute for Real Currency, is a
"Convertible Virtual Currency". 

Sale or Exchange of Convertible Virtual
Currency or a Use of Convertible Virtual
Currency to Pay for Goods or Services in a
Real-World Economy Transaction, has
Tax Consequences that May result in a
Tax Liability." 
(Store Income or Personal Income 
sell/exchange virtual for legal tender).
Ordinary Gain and Not Capital Gain.
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and Sellers via the Web and in Stores.