USD Mint® Provides USD® For Use Globally by Account Holders.
Register for: Free USD Mint® Account with Free USD® and Free Use.
USD Mint® Provides USD® For Use by
USA Trademark Privilege to Provide it 
(Banks Provide Debt by Govt License,
Regulated Fractional Reserve Lenders).
Mint is Free Credit. No Debt. No Costs.

Basic Rules: Free Credit. No Debt. No Costs.
Any Person or Business has Permissioned Right To Use, just register for free.
Any Illegal Use or Violations (see Terms) Right To Use Stops, Reversals if needed.
$100 Personal Reg +Weekly,
$500 Business Reg +Weekly. 
You Control The Acct via Web, Phone.
Your UCC8 Security Account at Mint holds USD® Financial Assets for Payments.
People and Stores Use Mint Accts to Send/Receive (Register Free and Use Free).
USD® Convertible, Compliant, Centralized, Common Currency for Global Use.
Mint does Not Lend or use your USD® (unlike banks that lend and use).
You can issue Free Ads, create Web-Stores, Deals with Terms You Set.
Mint Phone App includes mPOS, QR code creation/use, Tickets, Invoices ... 

Japan Virtual Currency Act to Buy Anything (Acct is Consent) and
Convert into Any Legal Tender.
Philippines BSP944 also to Buy Anything via Acct for Consent and
Convert into Any Legal Tender.
Virtual = Digital$ on Cards, Phones, Web.
(XUS currency code is in process now)

IRS 2014-21 "Virtual Currency may be Used to Pay for Goods or Services."
"Virtual Currency is a Digital Representation of Value that Functions as
a Medium of Exchange,
a Unit of Account ($), and/or
a Store of Value."
"It Operates like "Real" Currency -
ie: the Coin and Paper Money of the
United States or of Any other country
that is Designated Legal Tender,
Circulates, and is Customarily Used and
Accepted as a Medium of Exchange in the
country of issuance -
but it does Not have Legal Tender Status
in any jurisdiction." (several are active)

"Virtual Currency that has an
Equivalent Value in Real Currency, or that
acts as a Substitute for Real Currency, is a
"Convertible Virtual Currency". 

Sale or Exchange of Convertible Virtual
Currency or a Use of Convertible Virtual
Currency to Pay for Goods or Services in a
Real-World Economy Transaction, has
Tax Consequences that May result in a
Tax Liability." 
(Store Income or Personal Income 
sell/exchange virtual for legal tender)

Illinois Guidance: Virtual and Digital are
the same Electronic Medium of Exchange
to Purchase Goods or Services, and
Exchange for Govt Legal Tender Money.

There is No Digital Legal Tender or
Issued by a Govt Central Bank today
(Virtual Legal Tender is In Process in
China, Singapore, Japan and more).

Virtual Exchanged between Parties is
Not Money Transmission. 
It is a Sale of Goods.
Virtual Dollar-Denominated Capital,
Virtual Owned is Part of Net Worth.
45411 eCommerce: USD® Connect Buyers
and Sellers via the Web and in Stores.