Hawaiian Sovereign Mint


Questions & Answers

Please Take the time to read the Documents that Mint provides on the Website. It will help you to better understand what is offered either within the Hawaii Sovereign Mint Community or what is happening with Virtual Currency Globally.

Where does Money Come From: Govt issues Paper and Coins for about 5% of the Money Supply.

Banks create 95% as Debt that People and Biz Must RePay (Govt License, 1% Fractional Reserve).

Subject to Change: To better serve you, At any time Hawaii Sovereign Mint has the right to update and or change policies on their terms and conditions.

Who can Register?

Each individual whether keiki or adult or a business- needs an email and telephone # it cannot be the same as another. Note: Email & Telephone #’s must be unique. This identifies You and Your Phone for payments, and emails for notices.

To All Local Business: Compliance & Active Business

For all Business account holders, the Admin need to verify your Business by your EIN # or GE Tax #.

We also need to know the Type of Business your are offering (A Business Name is also best, Not Personal Name).

Business and People can Create Free Ads, Free Web-Stores, use QR Code scans for deals and payments, use the Easy Invoice and Tickets Features, and create specific Deals to attract New Customers and reward Existing Customers.

A Notice will be emailed to you via your email that say’s:

We will need ALL Businesses to be Compliant within 7 days of this notification or accounts will be suspended/disabled

The Business receives $10,000 HSD upon registry and may be used in the community to help start a business.

The Business receives $5,000 HSD each two weeks as continuing Mahalo Nui to grow your Business.

Note: Once your Business Registry is confirmed, Please Create your Ads (and web-store if you like) on the Hawaiian Mint Website so the community can see what your business offers, thus allowing HSD to circulate within the community.

How does this work?

Anyone can Register in 1 minute for a Free Personal of Business Account and Free Use with the Free App, and the web.

It is spent by the Website, with the Phone Apps, and Cards (in process).

You can access and use now within the community via the website and apps, and can Pay External User.

Why am I receiving this money? Aloha.

Money can be Debt (Paid Back) or Credit (Paid Back, or Free) ... Mint is Free Credit.

You registered to join the community and that is All you needed to get Free Credit.

The Hawaiian Sovereign Mint Inc is a Hawaii corp with Samson Kama CEO and Hawaiian Board and Admin.

The Hawaiian Sovereign Mint Inc is Not aligned with any group, and seeks to Listen to the People and Follow their path.

Do I need to pay this money back? No.

HSD is Free Credit. Not Debt. Not Repaid. Spending Money for the community and stores that agree to accept it.

110 local business have accounts, and Mint is Approved for point of sale use at 70% of big brands starting in August.

The two week Mahalo of $1,000 is Spending Money and your voice and opinions help restore the Hawaiian Govt with

Self-Govt, Self-Determination, Economic Self-Sufficiency for Independent Sovereign Hawaii (if that is what you want).

Can I spend this currency?

Yes, In the community with other members and business members for now.